Secret Ballot Secret Ballot

  1. How secure is our Member/Voter Database?

  2. Please view our Privacy Policy. We will not share your member/Voter Data with anyone else without your permission. Our website/system is being monitored for security by SiteLock, a 3rd party who checks our system frequently for malaware, hack attacks, site's capacity to counter such attacks etc. and displays the results at the bottom right corner of our web site for your perusal.

  1. Is there a security risk in using wireless to connect the Control Unit (CU) and the Ballot Unit (BU) during election? Or we should go for Wired network to connect the two?

  2. If you feel your election is susceptible to misadventures, based on the severity of the situation, you can either
    1. use a hidden wireless network
    2. Wired network to avoid chances of intrusion.There are many Android Tabs (even Aakash tablet is ) which can be connected to wired LAN.
    3. For mission critical cases, you can buy the entire system so you can operate it in your intranet without involving internet at any point.

  1. Can we identify which voter voted which candidate from Ballot Unit (BU) ?

  2. Oh, then how can you call it Secret Ballot?!! We only record that some one voted for a candidate in the BU. We hate to record who voted for whom to avoid favoritism or vendetta in future. Who will vote at the BU will be decided by the Control Unit (CU) and the Election Managers and Presiding Officers

  1. What if the voter uses any of the hardware buttons of the tab there by removing focus of the secret ballot app?

  2. Once the vote is registered none can see the vote, so the voting remaining secret. Any one can go in and bring the app back in focus.

       If you are a frequent organizer, perhaps you can have special covers designed for the mobile devices which you use as EVMs, so that voter do not have access to hardware buttons.